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If you are missing a tooth, have periodontal disease, or your jaw is too weak for a dental implant or to be healthy enough to properly help you with all your daily needs, you may need a jawbone graft. Here are the basics:

What is a jawbone graft?

A jawbone graft is a kind of surgery where a portion of bone is literally grafted onto one’s jaw so as to augment its strength.

Where does the bone come from?

It depends upon the state of your jawbone and other aspects of your body’s biological makeup. Many periodontists and oral surgeons use bovine bone (i.e. cow bone) to graft onto the jawbone. We at [practice_name] in [city], [state] may also use portions of your own bone, as your body is much more likely to accept these cells and adapt after the surgery. We also have access to artificial bone material and bone fragments from tissue banks if needed.

How long can I wait before my dental implant?

If you are getting a bone graft in order to receive a dental implant, your wait time depends on how major the graft may be. Major grafts may need a few months to fully unite with your original jaw to the point where it can support the implant. For a minor graft, you might be able to get the dental implant shortly after your bone graft or even at the same time. Dr. [doctor_name] can give you a more personalized estimate.

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