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Are you preparing for a bone graft, dental implant, or orthognathic surgery? You may want to learn more about sedation dentistry. Sedation is also a viable option for anyone with dental anxiety.

Here at [practice_name] we specialize in three kinds of sedation: nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation. Which type we use will depend upon the form of treatment receiving as well as any feedback you might give us about your levels of dental anxiety. Here are some things you might want to know:

– Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is excellent for helping anxious patients relax.
– Oral sedation via pills that are ingested can take up to an hour to work, but depending on the dosage, they are proficient at creating anything from mild relaxation to complete sleep.
– IV sedation directly injects sedatives into your bloodstream. It’s fast and easily controllable.
– The most well-known and common type of sedation is deep sedation, also referred to as general anesthesia, which can cause patients to be put to sleep and remain asleep until the effects entirely wear off.

If you would like to book an oral exam with Dr. [doctor_name] at our dentist office in [city], [state], call us at [phone]. Our team at [practice_name] looks forward to bringing your smile to its fullest with the help of a sedation dentistry treatment.