Successfully Recover from Oral Surgery With These Tips!

As you already know, having as much information as possible is important to receiving a healthy recovery. Here at [practice_name] in [city], [state], we understand the process can seem difficult. That is why we have created this list of tips for you, so you can have all the information and tips to help you get… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Your Impacted Tooth

Have you ever heard of impacted teeth? Do you ever wonder exactly what an impacted tooth could do the health of your smile? Do you know what you can do to address this issue? Fortunately, there are a number of things you could consider doing. As you may know, an impacted tooth is a tooth… Read more »

Insights for a Speedy Recovery After a Bone Graft

A bone graft in [city], [state], is a form of oral surgery that is designed to restore the compromised bone structure in a specific part of your jaw. Here at [practice_name], we offer key insights to help you have quality aftercare following a bone graft. During your initial consultation with your surgeon, Dr. [doctor_name], you… Read more »

Why We Often Extract Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth, or the third molars in official terminology, are a remnant from human history when our foods were more difficult to chew and harder to digest. Our jaws have changed and shortened since then, so the wisdom teeth can often grow in improperly and cause a number of different problems for oral health…. Read more »

A Bone Graft Might Be Needed Before a Dental Implant Can Be Installed

Many people missing a tooth will reach out to their oral surgeons at [practice_name] to see if they are a viable candidate for a dental implant. At the initial consultation, Drs. Allen, Walters, Noonan, Mills, and Warren will examine your mouth and jaw to assess the available bone structure. This usually involves taking a series… Read more »

Quality Aftercare is Essential to a Speedy Recovery After Removing Wisdom Teeth

Dr. [doctor_name] commonly recommends having the wisdom teeth extracted at some point after all 32 permanent teeth have emerged from the gums.  Wisdom tooth extraction is a form or oral surgery, and quality preparation and aftercare are essential to your son or daughter having a speedy recovery. While the gums are healing you will need… Read more »

Dental Procedure Aftercare Tips

Are you planning on having dental procedures in the near future? If so, there some common recovery tips which will help you after your treatment. Naturally, our board-certified oral surgeons and our team will tell you what you should do after your treatment, but we’re happy to give you a few ideas on what you should expect after common… Read more »