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With the advancements in dental technology over the last 50 years, you almost wouldn’t believe that dental problems used to be solved simply with pulling a tooth. However, that still applies today! Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most sought-after treatments in people’s late teens. When it’s time, these third molars have many reasons they need to be removed including the following:

– They are damaging and over-crowding nearby teeth. This may result in those teeth shifting and become misaligned.

– Pain in the back of the mouth should be immediately evaluated and seen if wisdom teeth are the cause.

– Since wisdom teeth are difficult to reach and clean, tooth decay can develop on those teeth more quickly.

– Cysts (fluid-filled sacs) can appear due to these teeth coming in.

– Your teeth can become impacted, meaning these teeth remain hidden within the gums, causing other teeth to become trapped within your jaw. This can result in infection or even create a cyst, further damaging bone support or nearby tooth roots.

Here at [practice_name], we strive to give you the best dental care and if you need wisdom tooth removal surgery, we will take every precaution and ensure this procedure is comfortable and safe for you. Contact Dr. [doctor_name] and our professionals for more information or to make an appointment by calling us at [phone]. Our clinic in [city], [state], will be happy to help you today!